StatMonitr Hardware

Wireless Stats Screens Available on Academic Year Leases

StatBroadcast offers stat monitor hardware available to schools on an academic-year lease. StatMonitrs can be used to display real-time statistics for your broadcasters and staff throughout your venue, using either wireless or wired internet.


Why should I lease StatMonitrs from StatBroadcast instead of buying them somewhere else?

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There are currently two different models/tiers of stat monitors available:

StatMonitr Touch Screen Mark V - Microsoft Surface
  • Full touch screen monitors running on Microsoft Surface hardware
  • Windows 8.1 Operating System with stats only mode and admin access mode
  • Wireless connectivity with optional wired Ethernet
  • 10 inch screen, ultra thin, small footprint, lightweight
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StatMonitr Pen Touch Screen Mark IV - Motion
  • Pen-touch screen monitors running on Windows XP O/S
  • Built-in wired and wireless connectivity
  • 10 inch screen, small footprint
  • Lower leasing price point
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