About StatBroadcast®

What is StatBroadcast®

StatBroadcast® Systems is a sports statistics technology and media relations partner for athletic programs and events. We help deliver and distribute real-time statistics information from sports events to a variety of different platforms and audiences.

StatBroadcast® Systems has been providing technology and media relations support for athletic events and programs for the past 17 academic years. It began in its current form in 2004 under the name StatDisplay, with its first two clients, the Fiesta Bowl and Arizona State University, as a media relations partner that assisted with the setup and administration of information technology at athletic events, including specifically live stat monitors for the media and staff. In preparation to host the 2007 BCS National Title Game, StatDisplay became BCS Stats Systems in 2006 and developed the first version of the product known today as StatMonitr.

StatBroadcast®'s launch of its newly designed graphical interface for its stats feeds in 2016 is the fourth generation of its platform, with each generation building and expanding upon the previous while incorporating new technological innovations in web design. The latest platform includes fully responsive ad pages that adapt and resize themselves to fit your screen and even your browser window when you resize it.

Since that time, StatBroadcast® has grown into the leading provider of statistics technologies for collegiate athletics nationwide, and expanded its product lines to include StatMonitr wireless screens, StatMonitr web stats and StatBroadcast® Live for the web, mobile phones and multimedia. StatBroadcast® now provides support for more than 42 college football bowl games, over 280 NCAA athletic programs, has expanded into the NAIA and NJCAA junior college markets and the high school markets at both the regular season and state championship levels, 37 conferences, the College Football Playoff and NCAA championship events, spanning all three Divisions.

StatBroadcast® Systems headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona, and is a privately-owned tradename and holding of The Radiak Group LLC, a registered Arizona limited liability corporation.

Nate Policar President and Managing Partner

StatBroadcast® President, Managing Partner and founder Nate Policar has extensive experience that intersects the fields of sports and athletics, information technology and education.

Nate has been working in collegiate and professional sports for more than 20 years, and has worked in a variety of different roles at the largest events in both collegiate and professional sports. Beginning his collegiate career in Arizona State University's athletics media relations and sports information department, Nate has also worked for the NBA's Phoenix Suns, the MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks, the NHL's Arizona Coyotes, and other professional franchises as well as for media outlets including ESPN, CBS, FOX, ABC, MSG Network, SportsUSA and Westwood One. Nate is an active member of both the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA).

Nate's experience in the IT industry spans more than 25 years and includes organizations from large public institutions to small technology start-ups. He has held a variety of titles and postions, including at Issaquah School District, W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Services Group of America and multiple technology start-ups.

His work for the Issaquah School District, one of the largest public school districts in the state of Washington, earned him recognition in 2000 from the Washington State Schools Public Relations Association, who honored him with its Award for Excellence in Publications and Online Communications for his groundbreaking work with the school district.

As the founder and president of StatBroadcast® Systems, Nate Policar has overseen the company's transformation and growth into what it is today. Serving in many different functions as the company's chief executive, Nate also serves as the chief architect of both the software development side and the network infrastructure sides of StatBroadcast's® business.

Nate earned a bachelor's degree in Information Systems, a minor in Mass Communications and a Masters of Business Administration in General Management studies from Arizona State University in Tempe, has completed significant coursework towards both Cisco CCENT and Microsoft MCSE certifications, and is fluent in a variety of different programming languages across multiple platforms.

In 2023, Nate was recognized for a seventh time by Arizona State University for his work at StatBroadcast® with a Top 20 ranking in the Sun Devil 100 award, which celebrates the achievements of alumni who own or lead successful, innovative businesses across the globe.

Stats About StatBroadcast®: By the Numbers

  • 18 years of excellence
  • 47,000+ live stats events per year
  • 30,000,000+ visitors per year
  • 280 collegiate athletic programs on our platform
  • 37 collegiate athletic conferences on our platform
  • 99% of Power 5 Schools (ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12)
  • 35+ National Championships per year shown live, including NCAA Division I, II and III and NJCAA
  • 12 NCAA Final Fours
  • 14 College Football National Championships (BCS and CFP eras)
  • 42 Div-I Bowl Games (all of them)
  • 36 basketball preseason tournaments/multi-team events
  • 13 supported sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, tennis, beach volleyball, wrestling


Is StatBroadcast scorekeeping software?

No. At this time, StatBroadcast does not provide scorekeeping software. It is a platform for viewing and distributing stats that are tracked through a compatible software suite, such as StatCrew. For a full list of compatible software packages, please see the next question.

What stats software is StatBroadcast compatible with?

StatBroadcast is currently compatible with all scorekeeping software that is capable of generating live XML in the NCAA/StatCrew standard format. These currently include:

  • StatInput
  • NCAA LiveStats (Genius)
  • StatCrew
  • DakStats
  • PrestoStats
  • Varsity Stats
  • TurboStats
  • Gymnastics ScoreKeeper
  • ProScore Gymnastics
What about NCAA LiveStats products?

StatBroadcast currently supports full live stats for stats tracked in Genius Sports' NCAA LiveStats. StatBroadcast intends to add support for all sports before they are released.

What sports can be run on StatBroadcast?

StatBroadcast is available for the following sports:

  • Football
  • Men's and Women's Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Field Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Gymnastics (ScoreKeeper and ProScore)
  • Tennis (StatCrew and DakStats)
  • Wrestling


What are the minimum computer requirements for running live stats at my school?

StatBroadcast shares all of the same minimum requirements as compatible scoring software, which means if your computer runs your scoring software, it will run StatBroadcast. These include:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, 7, or 10
  • An active internet connection (wired is recommended where available)
  • A licensed copy of a compatible scoring software program (see above).
    Please note that you may be required by the software publisher to purchase an annual upgrade license to generate live stats files that can be used by StatBroadcast and other live stats providers.
  • A download of StatBroadcast's Broadcastr or Listener desktop application

Do I need to upgrade software licenses?

Some scoring software options require yearly licenses in order to generate XML for liev stats.

StatCrew's XML output functionality automatically disables itself on July 30 each year. Without an updated license, no live stats platform (including StatBroadcast and all others) can function with the StatCrew software. Please visit www.statcrew.com for more information about their software and purchasing a license renewal.
Please note, StatBroadcast is not affiliated with CBS StatCrew and has no control over their license requirements or pricing.

Others such as DakStats and TurboStats may require an add-on or upgrade for XML live stats functionality.

If at such time NCAA LiveStats begins charging schools for licenses, that would be required as well.

How long will it take me to setup/configure?

Typical SIDs can have their computer up and running in less than five minutes. Once your initial configuration and installation is done, you can usually get it running on game day in less than 30 seconds.

What if I need help?

StatBroadcast provides live support via phone and internet five days a week during business hours throughout the academic year, as well as extended hours and weekend days during the football and basketball seasons.

We also have an extensive support document library on our site with many different guides for using different aspects of our platform and for configuration with different software versions.

How reliable is it?

StatBroadcast has an uptime rating of 99.5%. We use distributed cloud technology to maintain rendundancy and handle any amount of traffic, which is a fancy way of saying we use backups and can add more server capacity as needed to handle a very large number of viewers.

What if I need to send live stats to my conference or multimedia provider too?

StatBroadcast's StatBroadcastr application has the ability to simultaneously send to seven different FTP servers, and a network drive such as a scoreboard controller, directly from your stats laptop. You don't even have to rely on a third-party passing your stats along to another provider.

StatBroadcast's Listener application, which is used for NCAA LiveStats, also has the ability to send stats files to NCAA-approved third party destinations, however continued availability of this functionality is available at the discretion of Genius Sports/NCAA and may be revoked without notice.


How do fans get to the stats from my current website?

StatBroadcast Live can be launched from any compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) into a popup window. You can add links to StatBroadcast events directly on your athletic department's official website.

You may also avoid having users leave your site altogether, and simply load StatBroadcast Web as an inline frame on a page on your school's website, preserving existing advertising and navigation links.

StatBroadcast Mobile can be provided with a mobile domain (m.YOURSCHOOLstats.com) to allow mobile users easy access to the stats feed directly from their phone.

Do you publish mobile apps?

StatBroadcast Live comes with an integrated mobile web application site, which includes a custom domain and a landing site with current stats feeds, past game results and statistics, and upcoming schedules.

Additionally, all stats feeds have a mobile-optimized view. Any user who accesses a stats feed on the device will be automatically redirected to a mobile-optimized page, unless they opt to remain on a full desktop/tablet computer view.

Mobile web applications are websites specifically designed for mobile devices. They do not require the download and installation of an app file on a user's device, are accessed through a web browser and are compatible across all device manufacturers.


Who can purchase StatBoradcast?

A subscription to the StatBroadcast platform is available for athletic programs (collegiate, high school and professional) as well as athletic conferences and athletic events.

Fans and media members do not need to purchase anything from StatBroadcast, as stats from events hosted by our clients will be available through our site and URLs. Some schools and events may require a passcode to restrict viewing to a specific audience or to comply with broadcast distribution rights agreements.

How much does it cost?

StatBroadcast's platform pricing varies depending on the school or event's competition level annd number of events needed; there is also variation depending on the different levels of service required. To obtain a specific price for your events or for our most recent school pricing lists, please contact us.

Is it a one-time purchase for a lump sum?

StatBroadcast service is subscription-based and operates on an annual service contract that runs the length of each academic year. Because we guarantee your satisfaction, you choose to discontinue your service at any time for a prorated refund.

A StatBroadcast subscription includes service for all sports that we offer; at this time, we do not offer service on an al a carte, or per-sport, basis.

Do I have to buy each one of these features separately?

No, an annual subscription to StatBroadcast Live includes all platforms, sports, technologies and applications, including media stats, mobile stats, widgets, stat graphics and video outputs.

Grandfathered schools were previously allowed to purchase StatBroadcast for media access only, in which case live applications, for public/fan consumption, may be limited. As of June 2018, media-only access is no longer offered separately.

What if we want to sell sponsorship/ads on our live stats?

Our stats feeds already have built-in spots for ad placements seamlessly integrated and schools/events can place ads there while keeping any and all revenue collected.

For schools whose marketing department or marketing provider uses Google's Publisher Tags ad service, we can directly integrate those ad spots directly into your landing pages, live stats and mobile stats.

For schools not using an ad server such as Google Publisher Tags, you can design banner graphics and upload/change them out through our Admin interface at any time, setting ad themes at the account level, sport level or individual event level.