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Upgrades, Additions and for the 2018-19 Academic Year

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Last Updated: July 20, 2018

Please check out the below list of upgrades, additions and tweaks made during the summer for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. This list will be updated as things are finalized throughout the fall.

Updated Graphics and Styles throughout Stats Feeds

We’ve updated the look and feel of all of our stat feed platforms to have a much crisper, clean look. These new styles also lend themselves easier to customization for trying to match the style and feel of a school's website or app. Graphical enhancements apply to the entire platform including Live Stats, Media Stats, Mobile Stats, Videoboards, Widgets and Scoreboards.

Submit Postgame Stats to the NCAA

You can now submit a postgame XML file to the NCAA either directly from the StatBroadcast Broadcastr app (under the Wrap Game function) or from the StatBroadcast Admin site, making it even easier to wrap up your events when your finished.

Our system has the ability to automatically detect NCAA/RPI codes as well as allow you to add them after the fact, so there's no need to generate and upload a new XML file if those are missing as well.

Season Stats

StatBroadcast now lets you run Season Stats reports. Keep an unparalleled level of statistical detail and output it in PDF, XML, text and Word formats.
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Mobile Stats Redesign

Our mobile stats platform has been redesigned and updated. Using an all-new mobile library, the stats not only do a better job of performing on mobile devices, but they also mirror functionality that is natively built into the Android and iOs operating systems. The mobile upgrade also includes an overhaul of school's mobile sites, which show current, past and present events.

Genius Sports' NCAA Live Stats Compatibility/Integration

For the latest on StatBroadcast's work on this project, please read more here.

Additional Stat Views and Functionality

We've added more stat views to some of the sports applications, including a Penalties view in Football, an Analytics view in Basketball, better play filtering in Basketblal play by play and the ability to print an Analytics box (plus/minus, efficiency) in basketball