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February 02, 2011 by Nate Policar

Fix for mobile Android Browsers

StatBroadcast has deployed a new fix to its mobile stats web application which addresses an issue the newest Android operating system was having accessing the menu of different stats views for each sport.

We have conveniently added Forward (>>) and Back (<<) buttons to the menu, which will allow users to cycle through the views without having to use the dropdown/spinner list. This is now available on all mobile operating systems, not just Android, and should make it easier for all mobile users to change stat views.

October 28, 2010 by Nate Policar

StatMonitr Basketball: New Print-from-anywhere Box Score

Through the StatMonitr for Basketball stats system, you can now print an official formatted NCAA box score from any computer connected to the internet.

There’s no longer a need to be tethered to the stat computer or interrupt your statistician crew to print boxes at timeouts or end of half. On the bottom toolbar of basketball stat feeds is a new icon titled ‘PRINT’, which will generate a properly formatted PDF file of your up-to-date box score, which you can then send to any printer.

Just another way that StatMonitr is revolutionizing sports statistics technologies and making life easier for SID’s.

October 20, 2010 by Nate Policar

Hotkeys now available in StatMonitr

In the latest product feature addition, BCS Stats’ has added the ability to use your keyboard to navigate stat views in its StatMonitr products. Users may now switch views using either the number key associated with each stat button or using the arrow keys on their keyboards.

Hotkeys are immediately available for football and basketball stats, and will be coming to the remaining sports in the near future, as well as the StatBroadcast interface.

October 04, 2010 by Nate Policar

Are you ready for Midnight Madness?: New Basketball Features

 With Midnight Madness just a week away, believe it or not the new NCAA basketball season is just around the corner. Is your team set for stat monitors and live stats yet? Here’s what you’re missing out on if you don’t have BCS Stats’ StatMonitr or StatBroadcast…

New features added for the 2010-11 season:

All-new Graphical Interface
Following the footsteps of our highly acclaimed baseball and football interfaces, BCS Stats for basketball now features our new sleek design. Laid out to make better use of your screen and organize information better, our new interface provides a high-definition view of real-time stats

New Stats Available: Last Field Goal; Last Lead; Percentages by Half; Hollinger’s Four Factors
In addition to adding more crucial stats to our main box score view, our new Team Compare view now includes five new stat categories that examine each of Hollinger’s Four Factors in the game, including offensive efficiency, effective FG percentage and more.

Run Notifications
The interface now alerts you immediately when either team goes on a run of 6 or more points

The leaderboard allows you to see immediately who is leading each team in each statistical category, as well as who is in foul trouble

Full Box Score, Box Scores by Half and Season Stats
The interface now includes view for each team, which includes full box scores, including minutes, offensive rebounds, steals and blocks, as well as box scores by half and live-updating season stats.

Play By Play Recap
In addition to displaying a full play-by-play for all periods played, the interface now includes a quick recap of the last 20 plays in reverse order, to quickly review what led up to the current situation.

All of these features and more are included with the 2010-11 versions of StatMonitr and StatBroadcast for Basketball. Check them out here:

If your event or school has not become a partner with BCS Stats’, its still not too late. Contact us today to find out how to get BCS Stats’ on your campus.

September 27, 2010 by Nate Policar

Live Updating Season Stats now available for Football

Development has completed development and deployed a new feature for both the StatMonitr media stats and StatBroadcast live stats platforms that enable schools and events to display real-time, live updating season stats alongside their live game stats for all football game stat feeds carried on the BCS Stats’ network.

This new feature adds support for both home and visitor stats, and introduces a new feature not before available on any live stats platform: season stats that update live as the game progresses. This feature is especially attractive to media covering the game, who not only have updated season stats available throughout the game, but immediately following the game will have access to up-t0-date season stats, without having to wait for the SID staff to compile them and re-post on the team’s website.

You may see an example of this new feature in action by clicking on the following link and selecting Season Stats from the button menu:

BCS Stats’s is planning on rolling out this feature for its Basketball stat interfaces as well by Nov. 1st, in time for the 2010-11 season tip-off.

September 23, 2010 by Nate Policar

New Product Updates: Scorer’s Notes, FB Special Teams and VB/BB Leaderboards

We have released more updates to our Stat products this week, which users will immediately be able to see in both StatMonitr and StatBroadcast products.

Included in these updates are the Scorer’s Notes information, which is now available on every sport. Venue, team records, weather, officials and scorer’s notes information that is recorded in StatCrew will now be displayed on the Game/Match Notes tab of each stat display.

Also included in the update is a new view for our Football stats, titled ‘Special Teams.’ As the name implies, this new view shows statistics for punting, punt returns, kick returns, field goals, PATs and interception returns.

Finally, we have added Leaderboard views for both Basketball and Volleyball stats. For basketball, this view shows the statistical leaders for each game in the following categories: points, rebounds, offensive rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, turnovers and personal fouls. For volleyball, the categories are kills, digs, total blocks, assists/sets, attacks and hitting percentage.

September 15, 2010 by Nate Policar

New MVP/Tournament Voting Interface

We have made changes to our MVP/Tournament voting interface to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. The BCS Stats’ Online MVP voting system was used at the 2010 MWC Championship, 2010 Final Four and 2010 CWS.

Check out a test of the new interface here:

Utilizing a new drag-and-drop interface, voters can pick up a name from the list on the right and drop it into their ballot. The ballot also now only requires that you confirm your submissions in a dialog box, rather than previous behavior of having to click through three pages to complete a ballot.

August 31, 2010 by Nate Policar

Countdown to Kickoff 2010: New Addition – Passer Efficiency Rating

As part of our Countdown to Kickoff for the 2010 College Football season, BCS Stats today unveiled its newest addition to its stat interface for Football, Quarterback Passer Efficiency rating.

The NCAA formula is calculated as follows and a passer can obtain a maximum rating of 1261.6:

NCAA Passer Rating

Here is the list of last year’s passer efficiency rankings from the NCAA.

You can check out the where the new ratings display on the stats feed here.

August 23, 2010 by Nate Policar

New Support Section available

Today we unveiled our customer support page on BCSSTATS.COM. It contains our document library of our current support documents, in both downloadable,printable PDF format and digital editions, through Issuu. We also have posted our first video, which takes you through setting up your stat computer, in full HD, to work with BCS Stats.

We hope to bring you additional helpful videos in the future, as well as a knowledge base to answer frequently asked questions and enhanced support for end users– your fans– in case they experience problems during an event.

Check it out at:

August 08, 2010 by Nate Policar

New Features: 2010 StatMonitr for Football

With the new football season just weeks away, it’s time for a first-hand look at the new features added to StatMonitr for Football for the new season:

  • Improved visual interface
    Building off of the visual layout used for StatMonitr for Baseball, the new Football interface uses a similar layout. Designed to make stats stand out better visually and more organized, the new stat interface also displays more information on each screen.
  • Expanded Stats on the Team Stats View
    Now includes views that include first downs by play type, detailed red zone statistics, special teams summary and more.
  • BCS Stats LiveNotes
    Now includes the popular LiveNotes feature found on StatMonitr for Baseball and Basketball. Teams can now author live notes during a game and send them directly to stat monitors throughout the press box.
  • Scoreboard from around the NCAA
    Added a ‘bottom line’ style scoreboard, displaying a running ticker of up-to-date scores from around the country, direct from Can be customized to show all scores, Top 25, Conference, etc.

And as with all BCS Stats’ services, StatMonitr for Football now runs on our new Cloud server platform, ensuring that not only will your stats be delivered in lightning fast real-time, but also that your service won’t be interrupted whether you have 5 media members or 5000.