Update on StatBroadcast’s Compatibility with the new NCAA LiveStats Initiative (as of 6/25/18)

Posted on Jun 25, 2018

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This past May, the NCAA officially announced that it has launched a new stats initiative with a software developer, Genius Sports of London UK, to develop new statistics tracking software for its membership.

StatBroadcast remains dedicated to providing full compatibility with its platform for all scoring software programs used by member institutions. As such, we are working as diligently as possible to provide a solution for those schools that will be early adopters of this software to be able to continue using StatBroadcast for real-time distribution of their media stats, live stats and mobile stats.

StatBroadcast currently supports live stats for schools using: StatCrew Legacy, StatCrew NextGen, StatCrew Sync, DakStats, TurboStats, Presto Stats, Varsity Systems and all others that utilize the NCAA/StatCrew XML standard.

LATEST UPDATE: June 25, 2018

We are pleased to announce that StatBroadcast is planning to have full compatibility with the new NCAA LiveStats scoring application for our media stats, live stats and mobile stats in time for the start of the 2018-19 collegiate basketball season.

Based on documentation provided to us by the NCAA and a previous version of the application, we have nearly completed development on a new version of our software for scoring computers that will be running the Genius app and are finishing compatibility with our live stats cloud for the new Genius file format.

Later this summer, we will be releasing StatBroadcast GCaster, a new version of our StatBroadcast Broadcastr software for scoring computers, specifically designed to interface with Genius Sports’ basketball scoring applications.

Remaining development is dependent upon Genius making NCAA-specific changes to their data and our ability to test with the completed software. 


Please note these issues have been identified based on the current information available. As more information becomes available and the software is released, we will update this section:

    Please be advised that based on our most recent discussions with the NCAA regarding the capabilities of the Genius software, that, as of this writing, the software is not expected to be able to generate live XML in the standard NCAA format during games. This means StatBroadcast will not be able to provide stats to FTP destinations (such as ESPN, Yinzcam, Sidearm, Presto, among others) for any games scored on the NCAA/Genius platform and any third-party technologies that rely on that XML may not have immediate compatibility with games scored on the Genius software. Any third-party vendors that are concerned about compatibility should either reach out directly to Genius regarding file format and data access or inquire with StatBroadcast about purchasing a license for accessing our live data API. 

  • Scoreboard Compatibility (via USB/Serial)
    Early indications is that this app will not feature the ability to output scoreboard data via the serial port/USB. If your system currently utilizes this setup (via StatCrew's TASCOMMS32 software), please check with your scoreboard provider to ensure compatibility with the new stats software.
  • Missing support for enhanced metrics
    The current data definition does not include some of the advanced metrics such as possessions, pace of play, etc. This may impact our ability to display our Single Game and Season Advanced Analytics for schools utilizing this software


StatBroadcast plans to support the following enhanced and additional data points that the NCAA will make available through its software:

·         Possession Arrow

·         New Game status updates including when a game is delayed, introducing lineups, at halftime, etc.

·         Extended play-by-play information including enhanced shot and turnover descriptions, the area of the court where the action occurs and new actions, such as held balls.

GCASTER Technical Requirements:

As the Genius app will require a Windows-based system to run, StatBroadcast GCaster will share the same requirement and will also need the Microsoft .NET 4.6 library installed (this is a free upgrade available from Microsoft -- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48130 – and most Windows 10 machines will have already installed it through the automatic Windows Update service).

We also recommend installing and running GCaster as an Administrator on your system.

GCaster will depart from the traditional FTP method of stats delivery, meaning it will have enhanced compatibility and accessibility on networks at different venues and universities. However, if you are running internet security software, such as Windows Firewall, you may be required to grant GCaster and the Genius Sports app an exception through the firewall, which will require Administrator permissions.