StatBroadcast® ShotChartr

Web-based Shot Chart Tracking Application and PDF Generator

StatBroadcast® introduces the most advanced and easy-to-use shot charting application for basketball: ShotChartr -- all from the comfort of your favorite web browser

Leave the old pen and paper behind and keep your shot chart in the digital age

StatBroadcast®'s ShotChartr is web-based application created by StatBroadcast which allows schools and events to chart shots in a basketball game in real-time using a laptop and a web browser. The shot chart can then be displayed on stat monitors for media, web-based stats feeds or saved and printed as a PDF for inclusion in the final game book and email.

ShotChartr is designed to be suimple and intuitive to use. It has the ability to pre-load roster and event information directly from the StatCrew XML that you are already sending to StatBroadcast for your media/live stats

Because ShotChartr is web-based, not only is there no software to install to get started, you can use it on any computer or laptop you have available, through your web browser and an internet connection.

But what if my internet connection is lost or goes in and out?
Don't sweat it. ShotChartr will save your changes whenever your connection is reestablished. Or if you are unable to reconnect to the internet, you can continue charting shots uninterrupted and save your progress to your desktop when the half or game is over.

The Shot Chartr Shot Program Interface

Check out the ShotChartr User's Guide in our Tech Support Library to familiarize yourself with using the application.

User's Guide:
 Digital Edition      PDF Document

Shot Chart Media/Live Stats View

ShotChartr Highlights and Features

  • Comes included with StatMonitr or StatBroadcast® Live service
  • Automatically loads rosters directly from StatCrew
  • Automatically saves your progress on every shot
  • Output final shot chart to a properly formatted PDF
    • Includes shooting by period as well as a combined shot chart for each team
  • Offline save, in case your connection is lost
  • Display your shot chart live on your stat monitors or in your live stats
  • Hot Keys for rapid entry

View a Sample Shot Chart PDF

ShotChartr produces final PDF's of your shot chart for printing or electronic distribution in your game book. Click the button below to view a sample PDF:

Demo the ShotChartr viewer

Want a peek at how the shot chart actually displays within our StatMonitr application? Click on the demo below and navigate to the 'Shooting' button and choose one of the available Shot Chart views.

What are the minimum requirements for running ShotChartr?

  • A computer running a recent web browser
    • IE8 or higher, or Firefox 11 or higher are recommended
    • Also tested on Safari and Chrome
  • Internet connection for initial loading
    • Though recommended, a constant internet connection is not required
  • StatBroadcast® Live or StatMonitr service
  • Also recommended (but not required):
    • External Mouse
    • Screen resolution of 1024X768 or higher

More information

ShotChartr is included as part of your annual service contract for StatMonitr and/or StatBroadcast® Live. Click one of the buttons below find out more about each product.

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