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StatBroadcast Mobile is a new way for fans to experience a college sports event...

... and a new way for your institution to generate revenues

StatBroadcast Mobile is one of the first opportunities college sports programs have to bring their live stats to the mobile web and smartphone devices. Using the mobile web to bring your official stats quickly and easily to a variety of mobile devices, StatBroadcast Mobile enables you to enhance the experience of fans at your live events and enable your fans who are on-the-go to keep up with all the action.

While there are several services that deliver stats to mobile devices for college sports, StatBroadcast Mobile enables you to provide an "official" stat feed, direct from the university, and benefit directly from advertising opportunities. And because we use the mobile web platform instead of a specific phone/system-dependent application, we can immediately reach the entire smartphone market, not just a segment, and it doesn't require any software downloads.

Fans can follow the stats along live with the event and, through connections with social media platforms, can even interact in real-time with other fans at the arena and around the world, creating a buzz for your program and promoting your teams. By providing StatBroadcast Mobile to your fans in your arena or stadium, it also opens a world of sponsorship tie-ins for your program and a potential new revenue stream.


  • Enhance the overall fan experience by providing mobile stats -- at the event or on the go
    • Real-time stat updates -- powered by one of the most advanced and largest internet infrastructure providers
    • Stats in a level of detail never before available to fans
    • Includes fan access to our StatBroadcast's LiveNotes feature -- author game notes as the event progresses and send updates to stat monitors and cell phones
  • Mobile web platform allows you to reach multiple device, regardless of manufacturer or cell phone service provider, as they come to market -- including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.
    • Not manufacturer specific means no extra fees for submission to an 'App Store'; no waiting for approval of updates/upgrades to the app
    • Integrated advertising allows you to provide the service to free to fans without forcing them to pull out credit cards at the game or pay a fee for the "App Store" to a third-party company
    • Integrated advertising means instead of a negative budget item, StatBroadcast Mobile can be a revenue stream for your program

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