StatBroadcast Live Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get StatBroadcast running at my event or school?

What sports can we run on StatBroadcast?

Available for any sport you provide live stats for, including:

Do I need to upgrade StatCrew?

StatCrew's XML output functionality automatically disables itself on July 30 each year. Without an updated license, no live stats platform (including StatBroadcast and all others) can function with the StatCrew software. Please visit for more information about their software and purchasing a license renewal.
Please note, StatBroadcast is not affiliated with CBS StatCrew and has no control over their license requirements or pricing.

What if I need to send live stats to my conference or multimedia provider too?

StatBroadcast's StatBroadcastr application has the ability to simultaneously send to seven different FTP servers, and a network drive such as a scoreboard controller, directly from your stats laptop. You don't even have to rely on a third-party passing your stats along to another provider.

How long will it take me to setup/configure?

Typical SIDs can have their computer up and running in less than five minutes. Once your initial configuration and installation is done, you can usually get it running on game day in less than 30 seconds.

How do fans get to the stats from my current website?

StatBroadcast Web can be launched from any compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) into a popup window. You can add links to StatBroadcast events directly on your athletic department's official website.

You may also avoid having users leave your site altogether, and simply load StatBroadcast Web as an inline frame on a page on your school's website, preserving existing advertising and navigation links.

StatBroadcast Mobile can be provided with a mobile domain ( to allow mobile users easy access to the stats feed directly from their phone.

Is it a one-time purchase for a lump sum?

StatBroadcast service is subscription-based and operates on an annual service contract that runs the length of each academic year. Because we guarantee your satisfaction, you choose to discontinue your service at any time for a prorated refund.
A StatBroadcast subscription includes service for all sports that we offer; at this time, we do not offer service on an al a carte, or per-sport, basis.

Do I have to buy each one of these features separately?

No, an annual subscription to StatBroadcast Live includes all platforms and technologies, including media stats, mobile stats, widgets, stat graphics and video outputs.

What if we want to sell sponsorship/ads on our live stats?

Our stats feeds already have built-in spots for ad placements seamlessly integrated and schools/events can place ads there while keeping any and all revenue collected.
For schools whose marketing department or marketing provider uses Google's Publisher Tags ad service, we can directly integrate those ad spots directly into your landing pages, live stats and mobile stats.
For schools not using an ad server such as Google Publisher Tags, you can design banner graphics and upload/change them out through our Admin interface at any time, setting ad themes at the account level, sport level or individual event level.

For pricing information for your school or event, contact us today:

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