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Albany (NY) 2, Colgate 1

Mens Soccer

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Albany (NY) vs Colgate (10/19/2021 at Hamilton, )

Albany (NY) (8-4-1)
d3Alves, Jay1100061
d4Watt, Lucas1100178
d14Leosson, Bjarki2000065
d18Horvat, Lovro0000090
d24Bourgeois, Alex0000090
f15DaSilva, Austin0000049
f21Weiner, Andrew2110067
f22Giannaccini, Vinicius0001047
gk30Wilson, Shafique0000090
m10Lucca, Giuliano1000162
m11Sigurarson, Haflii1000056
d2Scottis, Neophytos0000213
m6Zalfa, Joao0000016
f8Mijancos, Guillermo3110041
m9Powell, Zach0000025
f12Aoumaich, Adam110004
m16Giner, Alejandro0000343
m17Panteli, Pantelis1000134
m19Pope, Josh0000012
f23Faiz, Saad1000043
d25Terris, Julian000003

Colgate (0-14-0)
d2Stroud, Will0000190
d3Blackwin, Jacob0001163
d22Galietta, Dominic0000290
d28Robison, Holt0000090
d36Goldner, Toby0000090
f12Bass, Edward1110271
f20Fam, Adam0000285
gk1Cooke, Andrew0000090
m6Finchum, Corey0000090
m14Pahule, Mason0000190
m16Edelstein, Max0000041
m18Lepper, Dale0000013
d26Leask, Ryan0000020
f27Donovan, Timmy0000228
f31Coury, Alejandro0000131
m37Rodriguez, Lucas000009

30Wilson, Shafique90:0010

1Cooke, Andrew90:0023

Goals by period12Total
Albany (NY)022
Shots by period12Total
Albany (NY)7714

Saves by period12Total
Albany (NY)000
Corner kicks12Total
Albany (NY)516

Albany (NY)178

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
120:49COLBass, EdwardBlackwin, JacobScored at the bottom center of goal off right foot
259:45ALBWeiner, AndrewunassistedScored at the bottom left of goal off left foot
362:16ALBMijancos, GuillermoGiannaccini, ViniciusScored at the bottom left of goal off left foot

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-COL #28 Robison, Holt (6:00); YELLOW-ALB #6 Zalfa, Joao (31:40); YELLOW-COL #14 Pahule, Mason (66:52); YELLOW-COL #26 Leask, Ryan (77:16);

Win- (). Loss- ().
Attendance: 106
Stadium: ,Beyer-Small '76 Field (Hamilton, )
Officials: Referee: Hao Zhong; AssistantReferee1: Chirs Borncamp; AssistantReferee2: Matthew Altman;
Offsides: Albany (NY) 2, Colgate 2