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Scoreboard and Video Output

Power your scoreboards, LED boards or in-venue stats channel using StatBroadcast

StatMonitr and StatBroadcast Live comes standard with our Scoreboard/Video Output view. Just like our regular media stats feed, the view updates in real-time but is designed to be displayed on a video or LED screen with large-format font size and concisely organized information.

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Feature Highlights

  • Powered by the same StatBroadcast system that runs your media stats/live stats
  • Available for all sports supported by StatBroadcast
  • Outputs at either 720p or 1080p for wide-screen HD displays (can also be customized for 4:3 SD displays if needed)
  • Display can be customized to fit a graphics theme or style
  • Feeds are accessed through a web browser, which can then be output to video using your laptop or desktop computer's video out ports (HDMI, VGA, DVI)
  • Can be customized to rotate through available views at timed intervals or frozen on a single screen (and advanced using keyboard arrow keys)
  • Can be accessed easily through a simple URL, just like your stats feed

What do I need to utilize Scoreboard Output at my school?

  • A subscription to StatMonitr media stats or StatBroadcast Live web stats
  • Same requirements of our media stats/live stats systems
  • A separate computer with video output (DVI or HDMI is recommended for HD systems)
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser -- recommended in full-screen mode
    StatBroadcast recommends Firefox browser for best graphics output
StatBroadcast Scoreboards are in use at events across the country, including:
  • Pac-12 Football Championship
  • Pac-12 Basketball Tournament
  • SEC Basketball Tournament
  • Big Ten Basketball Tournament
  • Clemson
  • GCU
  • Cotton Bowl Classic
  • Rose Bowl Game
  • College Football Playoff