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Software Setup and Support for Live and Media Stats

StatBroadcast and NCAA Digital have partnered to streamline the delivery of live stats XML to the NCAA's website and digital partners (Turner, CBS, ESPN) for NCAA championship events through the use of StatBroadcast's Broadcastr software in conjunction with StatCrew.

For select NCAA Championships, StatBroadcast and the NCAA have also partnered to provide real-time stats feeds to credentialed media and staff at championship tournament sites via NCAA.COM/MEDIASTATS.

Please note that (when available) StatBroadcast's media stats feeds for NCAA Championships are intended for use by members of the working media and event staff only. They are not meant to be shared with the public viewing audience. Please help us abide by broadcasting contracts by assisting us in this regard.

All tournament host sites will need to send a live XML stats feed of each event to StatBroadcast as well as (Turner Sports or Gametracker) and ESPN (for select championships). The instructions below will assist you in configuring this at your site.

Should you encounter any difficulties or issues during either of these setup processes, please feel free to contact us and we can walk you through the process step-by-step to identify any specific issues relating to your setup.

Schools who already have a StatBroadcast account:

Please follow instructions you received from StatBroadcast for setup for this academic year. This software version is for schools that do not already have a StatBroadcast username and password. Those instructions can be found here.

Please select an option below:

Setup and Download Instructions for NCAA LiveStats
using the NCAA Championships Listener App

The StatBroadcast NCAA Listener software will enable member schools to connect to the NCAA LiveStats software to send stats and score data to the NCAA Media Stats site and Live Stats.

If you are use the NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility, you may use these two applications simultaneously without issue.

This setup program will install the software on your computer and create desktop and Start Menu shortcuts. It includes an uninstall program if you wish to remove the software at any time.

Please note Listener is now compatible with ALL NCAA LiveStats sports including Football, Soccer, and Hockey.

Latest Build: Version 3.01 (August 26, 2021)

Download Here - NCAAListener3.01.exe (687kb)

Note: This software carries the same requirements as NCAA LiveStats, including the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6, so no additional Windows updates should be required provided NCAA LiveStats is already installed.

View Setup/Support Info for Listener View Testing Information

Setup and Download Instructions for StatCrew
using the NCAA Championships Broadcastr App

Note: this version of the software is not compatible with the NCAA LiveStats scoring app.

StatBroadcast's NCAA Tournament Broadcastr was specifically designed for tournament host sites and serves the function of automatically configuring and sending your live stats to NCAA live stats providers.

This setup program will install the software on your computer and create desktop and Start Menu shortcuts. It includes an uninstall program if you wish to remove the software following the tournament.

Latest Build: Version 10.1 (July 15, 2019)

Download Here - NCAABroadcastr10.1.exe (527kb)

View Setup/Support Info for Broadcastr View Testing Information

Setup Instructions for Presto Stats, Cloud Connector or Sidearm Distributor

To transmit stats to StatBroadcast for NCAA applications using PrestoStats, StatCrew Cloud Connector or the Sidearm Distributor, you will need to configure StatBroadcast as an External FTP destination (setup differs on which application you are using).

Please contact our dedicated NCAA support at or 1-470-755-4847 to obtain FTP information to add to your cloud distribution sites.

Please note these instructions only apply to PrestoStats. For NCAA LiveStats or StatCrew, please see the options above.

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Setup Instructions for Current StatBroadcast schools

Current StatBroadcast partner Universities/Conferences:

If your university or conference is a current partner of StatBroadcast, you will not require any additional software. Your tournament events have already been added to your account and you may utilize the same Broadcastr setup that you do for the regular season.

Download and setup instructions for current StatBroadcast schools can be found by logging in at

Testing Your Stats Setup

Once you have completed the steps above for setting up your computer to send your live stats to StatBroadcast, you can use one of the existing test events to test your setup for sending to StatBroadcast as well as ESPN/Turner/CBS.

At your convenience, anytime prior to your tournament games, we ask that you please complete the setup process and send us a test game to confirm that your site is prepared for the tournament.

To send a test game from the Broadcastr software, please load one of the test events for the sport you are testing (Please note the event number for finding the test).

To confirm your test game is working, please visit the test page and view the feed of the test game you are sending:

NCAA Testing Page