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This Week at a Glance

Thursday, August 28 - Monday, September 08
Sep 4Rollins vs. AndersonMens Soccer07:00 PM
Sep 5UNC Pembroke vs. West GeorgiaWomens Volleyball01:00 PM
Sep 5Rollins vs. Southern ArkansasWomens Volleyball03:00 PM
Sep 5St. Cloud State vs. TAMUKWomens Volleyball05:00 PM
Sep 5Rollins vs. Lenoir-RhyneWomens Soccer07:00 PM
Sep 5Rollins vs. West GeorgiaWomens Volleyball07:00 PM
Sep 5St. Cloud State vs. UNC PembrokeWomens Volleyball09:00 AM
Sep 5TAMUK vs. Southern ArkansasWomens Volleyball11:00 AM
Sep 6St. Cloud State vs. West GeorgiaWomens Volleyball01:00 PM
Sep 6UNC Pembroke vs. TAMUKWomens Volleyball03:00 PM
Sep 6Southern Arkansas vs. West GeorgiaWomens Volleyball05:00 PM
Sep 6Rollins vs. St. Cloud StateWomens Volleyball07:00 PM
Sep 6UNC Pembroke vs. Southern ArkansasWomens Volleyball09:00 AM
Sep 6Rollins vs. TAMUKWomens Volleyball11:00 AM
Sep 7Rollins vs. Georgia College & StateWomens Soccer12:00 PM

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