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Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce 2, Angelo St. 2

Womens Soccer

Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Angelo St. vs Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce (10/16/2021 at Commerce, Texas, )

Angelo St. (9-2-1)
d6Welker, Libby0000070
d16Hill, Cassidy00002110
d20Hampton, Kylie00000110
f18Kyle, Maddi0000090
f19Villagrand, Gabby1000082
f25Rodriguez, Cindy1000149
gk1Miller, Kira00000110
m5Heise, Katelin3200291
m8McNeme, Avery42201110
m13Stokes, Madison1000299
m24Solis, Valerie3100095
m2Detmer, Katie0000017
f3Griffin, Mariah000004
m9Maxey, Madison0000026
f11Bittick, Breanne2100123
f14Jordan, Grace000008
m15Coleman, Neleh1000151
d26Henning, Kelsey0000019
d28Harwood, Holly1000147

Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce (5-4-1)
d5Shoffit, Mindy00002110
d20Keeley, McKenna11001110
d22Robertson, Rylie00003110
f2Hernandez, Christina1000091
f8Campuzano, Leslie1110190
f12Morrison, Karalie3210296
f21Blasingame, Kara10001100
gk0Peters, Jen00000110
m13Valaitis, Kaitlyn000005
m15Welch, Cora2001169
m19Myers, Lydia0000038
m4Storey, Melissa0000020
f7Shaw, Lauren0000144
f11Sorrell, Skylar0000071
m17Griffin, Hailey0000256
m26Sink, Naomi0000288

1Miller, Kira110:0022

0Peters, Jen110:0024

Goals by period1234Total
Angelo St.11002
Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce11002
Shots by period1234Total
Angelo St.880117
Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce44109

Saves by period1234Total
Angelo St.02002
Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce22004
Corner kicks1234Total
Angelo St.31015
Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce30104

Angelo St.360211
Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce871016

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
119:51ASUMcNeme, AveryunassistedScored at the bottom left of goal off right foot
220:04AMCCampuzano, LeslieunassistedScored at the bottom left of goal off right foot
359:08ASUMcNeme, AveryunassistedScored at the top right of goal off right foot
481:12AMCMorrison, KaralieWelch, CoraScored at the top center of goal off right foot

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-ASU #15 Coleman, Neleh (35:07); YELLOW-AMC #8 Campuzano, Leslie (57:48); YELLOW-AMC #11 Sorrell, Skylar (75:32); YELLOW-AMC #22 Robertson, Rylie (91:59); YELLOW-AMC #21 Blasingame, Kara (100:20);

Win- (). Loss- ().
Attendance: 214
Stadium: ,Lion Soccer Field (Commerce, Texas, )
Officials: Referee: Jacob Larson; AssistantReferee1: Dylan Ashley; AssistantReferee2: Robert Mann;
Offsides: Angelo St. 0, Tex. Aamp;M-Commerce 1