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Arkansas State 1, App State 0

Womens Soccer

Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
App State vs Arkansas State (10/17/2021 at Jonesboro, Ark., )

App State (4-9-1)
d28Monteith, Breckyn0000293
f13Brantley, Liney0000067
f15Widderich, Sarah0000187
f24Fuller, Katie2100177
gk2Eagleston, Kerry00000107
m5McGibany, Emma0000024
m11Cohen, Olivia31000107
m17Viso, Audrey0000175
m23Cooper, Addie3100390
m29Little, Kaitlyn00001107
m33Walk, Skyler00000107
m6Quoyeser, Avery000005
m9Giacoletto, Gracie000006
f18Lantz, Carly0000023
d22Guisasola, Mumu1000166
f25Barbosa, Stephanie1000157
m26Boyles, Hayley1000040
f41Grigsby, Jordan1000040

Arkansas State (8-4-2)
d2Smith, Olivia1100284
d5Shah, Lauren00001107
d20Cloud, Hailey10001107
d26Husted, Haley2200345
f6Riley, Emma2000286
f7Sodoma, Sarah3100078
f19Riales, Emma4000026
gk1McClure, Megan00000107
m10Strong, Sarah00000101
m22Williamson, Aliyah2210043
m24Miller, Abigail1000070
m3Cowan, Cooper1100076
m13Harpole, Phoebe000005
m16Langford, Gertie0000073
d21Coates, Julianna0000040
f23Stalls, Holly1100019
m25Minard, Riley000008
d33Dann, Summit1000149

2Eagleston, Kerry107:2118

1McClure, Megan107:2103

Goals by period1234Total
App State00000
Arkansas State00011
Shots by period1234Total
App State731112
Arkansas State1341119

Saves by period1234Total
App State62008
Arkansas State21003
Corner kicks1234Total
App State21306
Arkansas State830011

App State262111
Arkansas State460010

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
1107:21ASUWilliamson, AliyahunassistedScored at the bottom right of goal off right foot

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-APP #26 Boyles, Hayley (70:46); YELLOW-ASU #10 Strong, Sarah (89:06); YELLOW-APP #24 Fuller, Katie (97:49);

Win- (). Loss- ().
Attendance: 203
Stadium: ,A-State Soccer Complex (Jonesboro, Ark., )
Officials: Referee: Albert Kyei-Mensah; AssistantReferee1: Barbara Jo Agnew Brillard; AssistantReferee2: Wes Cauoette;
Offsides: App State 2, Arkansas State 0