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San Jose State 1 at Sacramento State 2

Womens Soccer

Thursday, September 12, 2019

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
San Jose State vs Sacramento State (09/12/2019 at Sacramento)

San Jose State (2-1-2, 0-0-0)
def4Amarikwa, Kristen1100190
def22James, Carlie0000166
def7Pottorff, Karlee0000162
def3Wilson, Jada0000037
def24Rapoza, Phoebe0000390
fwd23Becerra, Jamilecxth2200069
fwd9Hurtado, Gabriella2100159
fwd5Orozco, Jennifer0000066
fwd27Shallou-Enes, Isabella2000254
gk1Romero, Ariana0000090
mid12Jackson, Alexus1000284
fwd13Sloss, Sylvia 1000023
mid6Bowers, Bella0000017
mid11Hall, Hannah000018
def2Bartlett, Bryanna0000062
fwd17Nava, Natalia0000149
mid10Weinman, Sabrina1110152
mid18Gallant, Alison0000019

Sacramento State (4-0-2, 0-0-0)
def3Goodwill, Aubrey0001081
def12Wilson, Mia0000190
fwd18Baena, Alyssa0000049
fwd16Herrera, Julia0000034
fwd5Kim-Bustillos, Kylee4410183
fwd14Sosa, Erika0000115
gk0Fesili, Aaliyah0000090
mid15Reed, Mikayla0000290
mid9Ford, Bonnie0000070
mid26Nino, Ariana1110290
mid22Craig, Samantha0000278
mid2Littlefield, Skylar1100127
def6Mann, Jessica0000010
mid17Munoz, Erika0000433
mid19Fonseca, Camila0000051
fwd10Miras, Tiffany1000119
fwd8Pou, Kacie0001021
fwd25Torres-Benito, Shantel0000265

1Romero, Ariana90:0024

0Fesili, Aaliyah90:0014

Goals by period12Total
San Jose State011
Sacramento State022
Shots by period12Total
San Jose State5510
Sacramento State347

Saves by period12Total
San Jose State224
Sacramento State134
Corner kicks12Total
San Jose State033
Sacramento State437

San Jose State41014
Sacramento State71017

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
148:23SACKylee Kim-BustillosKacie PouQuick pass from end line to 5 in penalty box, goal top right from 10 yds out
253:34SJSSabrina WeinmanunassistedFree kick over the def, hooked into top left corner
387:56SACAriana NinoAubrey Goodwill

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-SAC #17 Erika Munoz (53:34); YELLOW-SAC #15 Mikayla Reed (62:22); YELLOW-SJS #24 Phoebe Rapoza (81:13);

Win-Fesili, Aaliyah (1-0-0). Loss-Romero, Ariana (0-1-0).
Attendance: 206
Stadium: Hornet Field (Sacramento)
Officials: Referee: Christopher Spivey; Asst. Referee: Val Huerta; Asst. Referee: Peter Hanson;
Offsides: San Jose State 0, Sacramento State 0