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Col. of Charleston 0 at James Madison 4

Womens Soccer

Sunday, October 13, 2019

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Col. of Charleston vs James Madison (10/13/2019 at Harrisonburg)

Col. of Charleston (8-6-0, 2-3-0)
def5Koomen, Katrina1000077
def11Farmer, Hannah1000047
def18SANDIDGE, Lauren0000090
def24Deutsch, Leah0000162
def30Reichardt, Lauren0000059
fwd7FREITAS, Olivia0000031
fwd9Beck, Alyssa3200154
fwd13POWELL, Grace1100045
fwd33Colchico, Talia0000066
gk93Holton, Meredith0000060
mid23GONZALEZ, Caitlyn0000153
00Berlin, Maggie0000031
2Kerns, Emma0000160
4Daniels, Mackenzie0000014
14Mannetta, Haley0000010
15Cybulski, Maddie0000037
16Sciartelli, Kirstin0000045
19SGRO, Natalie0000059
21Waters, Mary Katherine1100015
27Boualany, Naya1000031
29Smekrud, Kacey0000026
31Posner, Rachel0000026

James Madison (5-9-1, 2-2-1)
def7Gordon, Sarah0000090
def17Foley, Maia1001049
def66Munson, Brittany0000284
fwd9Crawford, Haley3310264
fwd10Meiser, Claire3310058
fwd11Deel, Ginger5410149
gk00McShea, Hannah0000090
mid6Rabot, Iris2001168
mid12Wiseman, Ebony0000045
mid20Coulling, Hannah2101179
mid22Dinga, Phoebe1002245
3Maltese, Abby1100031
4Larkin, Ashby0000012
5Sorando, Annie1100246
8Blake, Rhen000007
14Nduka, Lidia0000015
15Carvalho, Melissa0000025
18Brause, Sophie1110018
23Mohammed, Suwaibatu1100127
24Pham, Mia1100039
25Wolfe, Julia0000012
26Johnson, Ellie0000025
33Sevcsisin, Amanda1100023

93Holton, Meredith59:4647
00Berlin, Maggie30:1405

00McShea, Hannah90:0004

Goals by period12Total
Col. of Charleston000
James Madison314
Shots by period12Total
Col. of Charleston538
James Madison111223

Saves by period12Total
Col. of Charleston5812
James Madison314
Corner kicks12Total
Col. of Charleston011
James Madison6511

Col. of Charleston314
James Madison7512

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
109:04JMUClaire MeiserPhoebe Dinga; Iris Rabot6 plays 22 wide from midfield, one-touch through ball to 10, finish from rt wing to far post
215:00JMUHaley CrawfordMaia FoleyLow cross bounces in traffic, 17 finds 9 in traffic, finish from 6yds
339:58JMUSophie BrauseHannah CoullingHeader from 20 saved by GK, 18 buries rebound from 5yds out
449:50JMUGinger DeelPhoebe Dinga22 cuts in off right side, drives pass in, deflected in by 11 from 6yds

Cautions and ejections:

Win-McShea, Hannah (1-0-0). Loss-Holton, Meredith (0-1-0).
Attendance: 0
Stadium: Sentara Park (Harrisonburg)
Officials: Referee: Andrew Charron; Asst. Referee: Nickrod Fateh; Asst. Referee: Tim Showalter;
Offsides: Col. of Charleston 1, James Madison 3