Event Results
Pacific 5 at William & Mary 4
Womens Soccer

Friday, September 22, 2017

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Pacific vs #18 William & Mary (9/22/2017 at Williamsburg, Va.)

Pacific (4-5)
d5Burns, Savannah4311070
d15Maine, Nthabi0000070
d19Leach, Emma0001070
f4Comeau, Rylee6401070
f7Muinos, Alicia0000070
f8de Kock, Gaby1110070
f11van Wyk, Kriekie3111070
gk23van Tonder, Marlise0000070
m6Steffen, Axelle0000070
m13van Lathem, Justine0000070
m21Roijakkers, Karlijn0000070
10Rutherford, Ash222000

William & Mary (5-4)
d16van de Kamp,Christie0002070
d19McCarthy, Bailey0000070
d20Ellis, Booter0000070
d23Goodwin, Cassidy2100070
f21Hooper, Woodard4310070
f25Lloyd, Cammie2201070
f26MacLeod, Emma3220070
gk50Connor, Morgan0000070
m6Menges, Erin0000070
m9Snead, Annie1100070
m17Hughes, Estelle0000070
15Days, Cata111000

23van Tonder, Marlise70:0046

50Connor, Morgan70:0056

Goals by period12Total
William & Mary224
Shots by period12Total
William & Mary7613

Saves by period12Total
William & Mary066
Corner kicks12Total
William & Mary347

William & Mary000

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
15:32WMMacLeod, Emmavan de Kamp,ChristieRedirected tip off corner
218:52WMHooper, WoodardunassistedShot saved, rebound fell off far side dr
321:54PACIFICRutherford, AshLeach, Emma; van Wyk, KriekieCorner flicked up just below crossbar
436:00PACIFICvan Wyk, KriekieComeau, RyleePassed up to 11, shot straight past keep
542:53WMMacLeod, Emmavan de Kamp,ChristieRedirected past keeper
643:32PACIFICBurns, SavannahunassistedGrabbed from defense, dribbled in and sh
747:32WMDays, CataLloyd, Cammie25 dropped off for 15, shot past into fa
853:26PACIFICde Kock, GabyunassistedGrabbed ball out of scrum at top of circ
957:34PACIFICRutherford, AshBurns, SavannahLong pass in from sideline tipped in

Cautions and ejections:

Win-van Tonder, Marlise (4-5). Loss-Connor, Morgan (5-3).
Attendance: 254
Stadium: Busch Field (Williamsburg, Va.)
Officials: Referee: Katelyn Makovec; Asst. Referee: Will Robertson; Timekeeper: Emmye Donahue; Scorer: Jacob Skipper;
Offsides: Pacific 0, William & Mary 0