Event Results
Eastern Washington 59 at Montana State 61
Womens Basketball

Friday, March 10, 2017

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Official Basketball Box Score -- Game Totals -- Final Statistics
Eastern Washington vs Montana State
3/10/2017 12:05 p.m. at Reno, Nev. (Reno Events Center)
Eastern Washington 59 - 18-13
Total3-Ptr Rebounds
00PAYNE,ASHLIf4-112-40-01342 10201127
04HODGINS,DELANEYf7-164-80-00771 18252037
12MORROW,VIOLET KAPRIg3-92-50-22131 8310030
20PHILLIPS,TISHAg5-161-50-02792 11710134
30SEALBY,ALISSAf3-60-02-21125 8012232
02HOWARD,URIAH2-50-30-00220 4101318
03STARKS,SYMONE0-40-10-00331 0100216
24CHANDLER,AMIRA0-00-00-00220 011006
TEAM2130 0
TOTALS24-679-262-48273512 5917969200
Deadball Rebounds: 1,0

FG %1st Half:12-3633.3%2nd Half:12-3138.7%Game:24-6735.8%
1st Qtr4-2020.0%2nd Qtr8-1650.0%3rd Qtr7-1643.8%4th Qtr5-1533.3%
3FG %1st Half:3-1421.4%2nd Half:6-1250.0%Game:9-2634.6%
1st Qtr1-911.1%2nd Qtr2-540.0%3rd Qtr2-450.0%4th Qtr4-850.0%
FT %1st Half:2-2100.0%2nd Half:0-200.0%Game:2-450.0%
1st Qtr2-2100.0%2nd Qtr0-00%3rd Qtr0-200.0%4th Qtr0-00%

Montana State 61 - 24-6
Total3-Ptr Rebounds
02FERRIS,PEYTONg5-150-26-829112 16220225
12JUNKERMIER,DELANYg3-93-51-21120 10211034
15NORDGAARD,RILEYf3-93-62-258132 11420235
23CAUDILL,HANNAHg1-50-40-00221 2520025
44BRAXTON,BLAIREf1-10-00-00442 2301016
03LAI,ANNIKA7-111-10-00661 15011027
10BARHOUM,MARGREET0-10-00-01011 001009
24SQUIRES,OLIANA0-30-20-01120 014117
30HATCHARD,REBEKAH1-21-10-00221 3010012
33SMITH,MADELINE0-30-02-20000 2000010
TEAM2350 0
TOTALS21-598-2111-1412364810 61171445200
Deadball Rebounds: 2,0

FG %1st Half:9-2634.6%2nd Half:12-3336.4%Game:21-5935.6%
1st Qtr5-1435.7%2nd Qtr4-1233.3%3rd Qtr6-1735.3%4th Qtr6-1637.5%
3FG %1st Half:5-1050.0%2nd Half:3-1127.3%Game:8-2138.1%
1st Qtr3-560.0%2nd Qtr2-540.0%3rd Qtr1-616.7%4th Qtr2-540.0%
FT %1st Half:2-2100.0%2nd Half:9-1275.0%Game:11-1478.6%
1st Qtr0-00%2nd Qtr2-2100.0%3rd Qtr2-450.0%4th Qtr7-887.5%

Officials: Bob Schofield, Julie Krommenhoek, Tiffany Bird
Technical Fouls: Eastern Washington- None. Montana State- None.
Attendance: 1202

Big Sky Tournament Semifinals. MSU is the #1 seed, EWU is the #4 seed.

Score by periods1st2nd3rd4thTotal
Eastern Washington1118161459
Montana State1312152161

Last FG - EWU 4th-00:31, MSU 4th-00:03.
Largest lead - Eastern Washington by 7 3rd-01:24; Montana State by 4 1st-01:10
EWU led for 22:08. MSU led for 12:29. Game was tied for 5:23.
PointsPaintOff T/O2nd ChanceFast BreakBench

Score tied - 10 times; Lead changed - 13 times