Event Results
New Hampshire 2 at Pacific Tigers 4
Womens Soccer

Friday, November 4, 2016

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Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
New Hampshire vs Pacific Tigers (11/4/2016 at Stockton, Calif.)

New Hampshire (7-12)
4Bossi, Rachel3200054
6Sutherland, Aggie0000070
7Sliz, Kayla0000062
11Hozza, Jackie0000070
13Nerbonne, Lindsey4310067
14Bensaia, Gianna6300067
16Audino, Katie2110052
17Bajus, Nicky0000070
19Mendonca, Ashley3301070
29Schmidt, Jessica1100070
3Scafidi, Taylor2100017
9Thomson, Rachel0000011
12Gray, Kallie0000012

Pacific Tigers (15-4)
2Leah Cofer1000042
5Savannah Burns6201070
6Axelle Steffen1110057
7Alicia Muinos2101047
10Ash Rutherford1111053
11Kriekie van Wyk8720064
13Justine Van Lathem0000034
14Hayley Kilfoil1000054
19Emma Leach0000053
21Ali Campos3001048
gk00Laura Pujade0000070
4Rylee Comeau1100033
8Katharine Egan2200038
9Hannah Tvergyak0000048
12Kyleigh Morrison0000051
20Sidney Brooks000007


00Laura Pujade70:00211

Goals by period12Total
New Hampshire112
Pacific Tigers224
Shots by period12Total
New Hampshire41721
Pacific Tigers17926

Saves by period12Total
New Hampshire6511
Pacific Tigers11112
Corner kicks12Total
New Hampshire055
Pacific Tigers437

New Hampshire000
Pacific Tigers000

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
117:01UNHNerbonne, LindseyMendonca, AshleyTipped in pass from above the circle
217:32PACIFICAsh RutherfordunassistedSpinning backhand from left
330:07PACIFICKriekie van WykAli CamposTipped in low shot from sharp angle up t
442:39PACIFICAxelle SteffenSavannah BurnsTipped a very long pass at top of circle
545:58UNHAudino, KatieunassistedOff a rebound with the goalie down
647:12PACIFICKriekie van WykAsh Rutherford; Alicia MuinosRipped low shot off corner

Cautions and ejections:
GREEN-PACIFIC #9 Hannah Tvergyak (20:17); YELLOW-PACIFIC #2 Leah Cofer (57:33); GREEN-PACIFIC #10 Ash Rutherford (61:36);

Win-Laura Pujade (15-4). Loss-Rudert,Kelsey (7-12).
Attendance: 428
Stadium: Pacific FH Turf (Stockton, Calif.)
Officials: Referee: Gus Soteriades; Asst. Referee: Chris Higgs; Alt. Official: Tucker Warford; Timekeeper: Christine Jacobsen; Scorer: Matt Swanson;
Offsides: New Hampshire 0, Pacific Tigers 0