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Saturday, November 25Butler 62 at Drexel 76Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 25West Virginia 79 at Virginia Tech 61Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 25Vanderbilt 71 at Wisconsin 73Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 25Syracuse 74 at George Washington 62Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 25Tulane 80 at San Diego State 46Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 25Iowa State 60 at Central Michigan 81Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24West Virginia 75 at Drexel 42Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24Virginia Tech 77 at Butler 79Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24Wisconsin 46 at George Washington 61Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24Syracuse 84 at Vanderbilt 78Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24Tulane 64 at Iowa State 67Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24San Diego State 76 at Central Michigan 85Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24Missouri State 60 at Pennsylvania 65Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23Butler 68 at West Virginia 75Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23Drexel 67 at Virginia Tech 79Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23Wisconsin 74 at Syracuse 77Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23Vanderbilt 69 at George Washington 59Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23Missouri State 58 at Baylor 100Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23Pennsylvania 55 at Georgia Tech 69Womens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Quinnipiac 72 at Liberty 84Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Houston 78 at Wake Forest 73Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Drexel 88 at Drake 90Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Mercer 70 at Colorado 79Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Houston 68 at Liberty 66Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Quinnipiac 55 at Wake Forest 72Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Mercer 78 at Drexel 59Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Colorado 86 at Drake 81Mens Basketball
Friday, November 17Mercer 63 at Liberty 48Mens Basketball
Friday, November 17Drexel 84 at Houston 80Mens Basketball
Friday, November 17Quinnipiac 69 at Colorado 70Mens Basketball
Friday, November 17Drake 77 at Wake Forest 74Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 26LSU 59 at NC State 58Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 26K-STATE 61 at UTEP 40Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 26Winthrop 41 at Gonzaga 71Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 26Michigan 62 at Florida State 76Womens Basketball
Friday, November 25K-STATE 69 at LSU 54Womens Basketball
Friday, November 25UTEP 55 at NC State 71Womens Basketball
Friday, November 25Florida State 87 at Gonzaga 69Womens Basketball
Friday, November 25Michigan 76 at Winthrop 39Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 24NC State 50 at K-STATE 67Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 24LSU 78 at UTEP 45Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 24Winthrop 35 at Florida State 98Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 24Gonzaga 66 at Michigan 78Womens Basketball
Monday, November 21Oral Roberts 47 at Montana 68Mens Basketball
Monday, November 21Loyola 88 at Washington State 79Mens Basketball
Monday, November 21Saint Joseph\'s 63 at NC State 73Mens Basketball
Monday, November 21Ole Miss 77 at Creighton 86Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 20Saint Joseph\'s 68 at Ole Miss 81Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 20NC State 94 at Creighton 112Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 19Loyola 78 at Oral Roberts 53Mens Basketball

Showing Page 1 (records 1 - 50 out of 170 total).    4 pages available...
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