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Saturday, December 31Gonzaga 81 at Pacific 61Mens Basketball
Thursday, December 29Pacific 84 at Portland 74Womens Basketball
Thursday, December 29Portland 80 at Pacific 76Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 21William Jessup 65 at PACIFIC 103Womens Basketball
Tuesday, December 20Kennesaw State 56 at Pacific 69Mens Basketball
Monday, December 19Northern Colorado 60 at PACIFIC 56Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 17Fresno State 70 at Pacific 68Mens Basketball
Thursday, December 15North Carolina A&T 57 at Pacific 66Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 10Fresno State 74 at PACIFIC 67Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 10Rider 73 at Pacific 66Mens Basketball
Sunday, December 4CSU Bakersfield 61 at PACIFIC 91Womens Basketball
Thursday, December 1Sacramento State 58 at Pacific 74Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 26Santa Clara 50 at Montana State 77Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 26Marquette 89 at PACIFIC 75Womens Basketball
Friday, November 25Santa Clara 65 at Marquette 62Womens Basketball
Friday, November 25Montana State 72 at PACIFIC 66Womens Basketball
Tuesday, November 22Pacific 3 at USF 0Womens Volleyball
Tuesday, November 22Wyoming 65 at Pacific 73Mens Basketball
Monday, November 21UC Davis 95 at PACIFIC 87Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 19Pacific 0 at Portland 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 18Pacific 99 at San Jose State 96Womens Basketball
Monday, November 14Green Bay 58 at Pacific 76Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 13UC Merced 50 at PACIFIC 111Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 10Pacific 1 at Saint Mary\'s (CA) 3Womens Volleyball
Sunday, November 6Portland 0 at Pacific 1Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 6Pacific Tigers 0 at Stanford 1Womens Soccer
Saturday, November 5San Diego 3 at Pacific 0Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 5CAL 0 at Stanford 2Womens Soccer
Saturday, November 5Pacific Tigers 3 at Albany 2Womens Soccer
Saturday, November 5Pepperdine 1 at Pacific 0Womens Soccer
Friday, November 4CAL 3 at MAINE 2Womens Soccer
Friday, November 4New Hampshire 2 at Pacific Tigers 4Womens Soccer
Friday, November 4San Francisco St. 42 at PACIFIC 91Womens Basketball
Friday, November 4BRISTOL 39 at PACIFIC 106Mens Basketball
Thursday, November 3BYU 3 at Pacific 0Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 3UMass Lowell 2 at Stanford 3Womens Soccer
Thursday, November 3UC Davis 0 at Albany 3Womens Soccer
Sunday, October 30Chico State 80 at PACIFIC 76Womens Basketball
Saturday, October 29USF 2 at Pacific 3Mens Soccer
Saturday, October 29Pacific 2 at Pepperdine 3Womens Volleyball
Saturday, October 29BYU 4 at Pacific 0Womens Soccer
Thursday, October 27San Diego 2 at Pacific 1Womens Soccer
Thursday, October 27Pacific 3 at Loyola Marymount 2Womens Volleyball
Sunday, October 23UC Davis 2 at Pacific Tigers 6Womens Soccer
Saturday, October 22Santa Clara 1 at Pacific 1Mens Soccer
Saturday, October 22San Francisco 0 at Pacific 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, October 21Pacific 0 at Portland 2Womens Soccer
Friday, October 21CAL 1 at Pacific Tigers 3Womens Soccer
Thursday, October 20Santa Clara 0 at Pacific 3Womens Volleyball
Sunday, October 16Pacific 1 at San Diego 0Mens Soccer

Showing Page 9 (records 401 - 450 out of 1067 total).    22 pages available...
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