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Saturday, March 9Oklahoma State 7 at Oregon 6Softball
Saturday, March 9Oklahoma State 9 at Oregon 6Softball
Saturday, March 9Oregon 4 at Hawai\'i 3Baseball
Saturday, March 9Oregon 55 at Washington 47Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 9UCLA 83 at Oregon 88Womens Basketball
Friday, March 8Oklahoma State 3 at Oregon 0Softball
Friday, March 8Oregon 3 at Hawai\'i 1Baseball
Friday, March 8Arizona 63 at Oregon 77Womens Basketball
Thursday, March 7Oregon 6 at Hawai\'i 7Baseball
Wednesday, March 6Oregon 72 at Washington St. 61Mens Basketball
Tuesday, March 5Oregon 3 at Portland 5Baseball
Sunday, March 3Loyola Marymount 6 at Oregon 7Baseball
Sunday, March 3Oregon 66 at Arizona State 59Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 2Arizona 47 at Oregon 73Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 2Loyola Marymount 0 at Oregon 6Baseball
Saturday, March 2UC Davis 15 at Oregon 12Womens Lacrosse
Friday, March 1Loyola Marymount 3 at Oregon 4Baseball
Friday, March 1Oregon 0 at Auburn 8Softball
Friday, March 1Oregon 83 at Arizona 54Womens Basketball
Thursday, February 28Arizona St. 51 at Oregon 79Mens Basketball
Thursday, February 28Oregon 1 at Florida 2Softball
Sunday, February 24Southern California 78 at Oregon 96Womens Basketball
Sunday, February 24Oregon 6 at UC Santa Barbara 1Softball
Saturday, February 23Saint Mary\'s 2 at Oregon 6Baseball
Saturday, February 23Saint Mary\'s 4 at Oregon 5Baseball
Saturday, February 23Oregon 0 at Texas Tech 5Softball
Saturday, February 23Oregon 83 at UCLA 90Mens Basketball
Saturday, February 23Oregon 7 at Texas A&M 5Softball
Friday, February 22Saint Mary\'s 2 at Oregon 3Baseball
Friday, February 22UCLA 74 at Oregon 69Womens Basketball
Friday, February 22Jacksonville 12 at Oregon 15Womens Lacrosse
Friday, February 22Army 0 at Oregon 11Softball
Thursday, February 21New Mexico State 1 at Oregon 3Softball
Thursday, February 21Bethune-Cookman 5 at Oregon 3Softball
Monday, February 18Oregon 62 at Oregon St. 67Womens Basketball
Sunday, February 17Fresno State 18 at Oregon 10Womens Lacrosse
Sunday, February 17Oregon 4 at Texas Tech 6Baseball
Saturday, February 16Oregon 57 at Oregon State 72Mens Basketball
Saturday, February 16Oregon 11 at Texas Tech 12Baseball
Saturday, February 16Oregon 3 at Kentucky 12Softball
Saturday, February 16Florida Atlantic 0 at Oregon 2Softball
Friday, February 15Oregon 8 at San Diego State 13Womens Lacrosse
Friday, February 15Oregon St. 68 at Oregon 77Womens Basketball
Friday, February 15Oregon 9 at Texas Tech 4Baseball
Friday, February 15James Madison 9 at Oregon 1Softball
Sunday, February 10Stanford 46 at Oregon 69Mens Basketball
Sunday, February 10Seattle U 6 at Oregon 8Softball
Sunday, February 10Oregon 88 at Stanford 48Womens Basketball
Saturday, February 9Mercer 6 at Oregon 13Womens Lacrosse
Saturday, February 9Bradley 3 at Oregon 13Softball

Showing Page 3 (records 101 - 150 out of 1109 total).    23 pages available...
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