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Sunday, January 14Mount Saint Joseph 71 at The Ranney School 48Mens Basketball
Sunday, January 14Findley College Prep 91 at Immaculate Conception 47Mens Basketball
Sunday, January 14CBD - Montverde Academy 62 at Macduffie 57Mens Basketball
Sunday, January 14St. Andrew\'s School 73 at Woodstock Academy 97Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13McQuaid Jesuit 58 at Rice Memorial 63Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Long Island Lutheran 76 at Central Catholic 54Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Bishop O\'Connell 83 at Albany Academy 69Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Imhotep Charter 66 at Hillhouse 38Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Gonzaga College 86 at Sacred Heart 51Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Roselle Catholic 68 at Oak Ridge 80Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Montverde 62 at Simeon Career 60Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 13Chino Hills 70 at Spartanburg Day 64Mens Basketball
Friday, January 12Chicopee High School 22 at West Springfield High School 47Womens Basketball
Friday, January 12Greenfield High School 69 at Hampshire Regional High School 62Womens Basketball
Friday, January 12Longmeadow 54 at Hoosac Valley 65Womens Basketball
Friday, January 12Enfield 51 at Christ the King 70Womens Basketball
Friday, January 12Long Island Lutheran 42 at Springfield Central 37Womens Basketball
Thursday, January 11Wahconah Regional 47 at Hopkins Academy 63Mens Basketball
Thursday, January 11Sabis International Charter 59 at Longmeadow 71Mens Basketball
Thursday, January 11South Hadley 57 at Holyoke 67Mens Basketball
Thursday, January 11Springfield Central 61 at Putnam 57Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 20St. John\'s 77 at Saint Joseph\'s 73Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 20Houston 70 at Providence 59Mens Basketball
Friday, December 8St John\'s 70 at Arizona State 82Mens Basketball
Friday, December 8Oklahoma 85 at USC 83Mens Basketball
Friday, December 8Nevada 80 at TCU 84Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 2Kansas 76 at Syracuse 60Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 2Princeton 52 at University of Miami 80Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 2La Salle 58 at Holy Cross 54Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 2TOWSON 56 at Manhattan 55Mens Basketball
Friday, December 1Holy Cross 54 at Manhattan 70Mens Basketball
Friday, December 1TOWSON 67 at La Salle 60Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Sacred Heart 69 at Maine 68Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Boston College 82 at La Salle 61Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Texas Tech 85 at Northwestern 49Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19South Alabama 54 at Saint Peters 49Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Texas Tech 75 at Boston College 64Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18La Salle 74 at Northwestern 82Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Maine 46 at South Alabama 68Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Sacred Heart 61 at Saint Peters 70Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 21Fairfield 89 at Boston College 83Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 21Auburn 74 at Oklahoma 70Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 10LAS 78 at GU 93Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 3Gonzaga 69 at Arizona 62Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 3BYU 84 at USC 91Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 27BGSU 73 at SAINT PETER\'S 68Womens Basketball
Sunday, November 27LOUISVILLE 59 at SOUTH CAROLINA 83Womens Basketball
Sunday, November 27LAFAYETTE 55 at HAMPTON 58Womens Basketball
Sunday, November 27UTC 39 at MAINE 49Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 19USF 51 at UConn 77Mens Basketball

Showing Page 3 (records 101 - 150 out of 178 total).    4 pages available...
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