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Thursday, February 20Thomas More 77 at Campbellsville 49Mens Basketball
Monday, February 17Midway 3 at Campbellsville 8Baseball
Saturday, February 15Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 74 at Campbellsville 92Womens Basketball
Saturday, February 15Lindsey Wilson 56 at Campbellsville 72Mens Basketball
Tuesday, February 4Campbellsville 3 at Cumberland Univ. 0Mens Volleyball
Saturday, February 1Life (GA) 0 at Campbellsville 3Mens Volleyball
Saturday, February 1Campbellsville University 73 at Cumberland University 65Mens Basketball
Saturday, February 1Life (GA) 1 at Goshen College 3Mens Volleyball
Saturday, February 1Campbellsville University 81 at Cumberland University 49Womens Basketball
Friday, January 31Goshen College 0 at Campbellsville 3Mens Volleyball
Thursday, January 30Life (GA) 61 at Campbellsville 98Womens Basketball
Thursday, January 30Life (GA) 70 at Campbellsville 80Mens Basketball
Tuesday, January 28Reinhardt 0 at Campbellsville 3Mens Volleyball
Thursday, January 23Georgetown (KY) 49 at Campbellsville 99Womens Basketball
Thursday, January 23Georgetown (KY) 66 at Campbellsville 58Mens Basketball
Thursday, January 16Cumberlands (KY) 68 at Campbellsville 79Womens Basketball
Thursday, January 16Cumberlands (KY) 84 at Campbellsville 63Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 11Shawnee State 79 at Campbellsville 64Womens Basketball
Saturday, January 11Shawnee State 86 at Campbellsville 57Mens Basketball
Thursday, January 9Pikeville 56 at Campbellsville 78Womens Basketball
Thursday, January 9Pikeville 66 at Campbellsville 72Mens Basketball
Saturday, January 4Cumberland (TN) 59 at Campbellsville 81Mens Basketball
Thursday, December 19Martin Methodist (Tenn.) 66 at Campbellsville 84Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 14Fisk University 57 at Campbellsville 98Womens Basketball
Wednesday, December 11Simmons 50 at Campbellsville 73Mens Basketball
Monday, December 9Campbellsville 100 at Fisk University 48Womens Basketball
Friday, December 6Campbellsville 3 at Ottawa Univ. 4Womens Soccer
Friday, December 6Grace College 1 at Campbellsville 0Mens Soccer
Wednesday, December 4Judson Univ. 0 at Campbellsville 6Mens Soccer
Tuesday, December 3Piedmont Int\'l 3 at Roberts Wesleyan 5Mens Soccer
Tuesday, December 3Bethesda Univ. 2 at Judson Univ. 5Mens Soccer
Tuesday, December 3Ecclesia College 0 at Grace College 4Mens Soccer
Monday, December 2Piedmont Int\'l 2 at MidAmerica Christian 3Mens Soccer
Monday, December 2Ecclesia College 1 at Ottawa Univ. 13Mens Soccer
Saturday, November 30Cumberlands (KY) 117 at Oakland City 73Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 30Philander Smith 63 at Campbellsville 68Mens Basketball
Friday, November 29Philander Smith 55 at Cumberlands (KY) 82Mens Basketball
Friday, November 29Oakland City 69 at Campbellsville 106Mens Basketball
Tuesday, November 26West Virginia Tech 68 at Campbellsville 83Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 23Marian 82 at Campbellsville 66Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 23Lindsey Wilson 91 at Indiana Southeast 78Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 23Vorhees College 39 at Campbellsville University 103Womens Basketball
Friday, November 22Marian 103 at Lindsey Wilson 78Mens Basketball
Friday, November 22Brescia University 56 at Campbellsville University 95Womens Basketball
Friday, November 22Indiana Southeast 79 at Campbellsville 81Mens Basketball
Monday, November 18Campbellsville 66 at Western Ky. 109Mens Basketball
Friday, November 15Georgetown (KY) 1 at Thomas More 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 15Life (GA) 0 at Lindsey Wilson 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 14Cumberlands (KY) 0 at Georgetown (KY) 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 14Campbellsville 1 at Lindsey Wilson 3Womens Volleyball

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