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Tuesday, December 19Longwood 61 at Arizona State 95Mens Basketball
Monday, December 18Idaho 33 at Arizona State 77Womens Basketball
Sunday, December 17Vanderbilt 64 at Arizona State 76Mens Basketball
Sunday, December 10Arizona State 66 at Florida State 77Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 9PRINCETON 3 at ARIZONA STATE 4Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, December 8St John\'s 70 at Arizona State 82Mens Basketball
Friday, December 8PRINCETON 4 at ARIZONA STATE 0Mens Ice Hockey
Sunday, December 3UNLV 53 at Buffalo 80Womens Basketball
Sunday, December 3UC Riverside 48 at Arizona State 73Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 2USF 57 at Arizona State 75Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 2UC Riverside 95 at UNLV 88Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 2Buffalo 57 at Arizona State 76Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 25Arizona State 1 at Arizona 3Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 25Arizona 30 at Arizona State 42Football
Saturday, November 25COLUMBIA 48 at ARIZONA STATE 72Womens Basketball
Friday, November 24ARIZONA ST 102 at XAVIER 86Mens Basketball
Friday, November 24ARIZONA STATE 48 at GREEN BAY 61Womens Basketball
Thursday, November 23ARIZONA STATE 92 at KANSAS ST 90Mens Basketball
Thursday, November 23ARIZONA STATE 57 at MISSISSIPPI STATE 65Womens Basketball
Wednesday, November 22Arizona State 1 at Washington State 3Womens Volleyball
Sunday, November 19UC Irvine 78 at Arizona State 99Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 19Colgate 54 at Arizona State 65Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Arizona State 2 at Colorado 3Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 18Sacramento State 58 at Arizona State 106Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 18Arizona State 40 at Oregon State 24Football
Saturday, November 18PENN STATE 4 at ARIZONA STATE 2Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, November 17Arizona State 0 at Utah 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 17Northern Arizona 62 at Arizona State 97Mens Basketball
Friday, November 17PENN STATE 7 at ARIZONA STATE 0Mens Ice Hockey
Tuesday, November 14San Diego State 68 at Arizona State 90Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 12UTSA 42 at Arizona State 74Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 11Oregon State 3 at Arizona State 2Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 11ASU 37 at UCLA 44Football
Friday, November 10Idaho State 74 at Arizona State 94Mens Basketball
Thursday, November 9Oregon 3 at Arizona State 0Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 4Arizona State 0 at UCLA 3Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 4ALABAMA-HUNTSVILLE 3 at ARIZONA STATE 1Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, November 4Colorado 30 at Arizona State 41Football
Friday, November 3ALABAMA-HUNTSVILLE 2 at ARIZONA STATE 3Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, November 3Arizona Christian 69 at Arizona State 115Mens Basketball
Thursday, November 2Arizona State 1 at Arizona 2Womens Soccer
Wednesday, November 1Arizona State 85 at San Diego 77Mens Basketball
Sunday, October 29California 3 at Arizona State 1Womens Volleyball
Sunday, October 29WASH 0 at Arizona State 1Womens Soccer
Saturday, October 28USC 48 at Arizona State 17Football
Saturday, October 28Arizona State 1 at Colgate 1Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, October 27Stanford 3 at Arizona State 1Womens Volleyball
Friday, October 27Arizona State 0 at Colgate 3Mens Ice Hockey
Thursday, October 26WSU 1 at Arizona State 0Womens Soccer
Thursday, October 26Northern State 90 at Arizona State 98Mens Basketball

Showing Page 6 (records 251 - 300 out of 1174 total).    24 pages available...
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