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Saturday, December 7Rollins 58 at Tampa 47Mens Basketball
Saturday, December 7Rollins 60 at Tampa 85Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 7Nova Southeastern 70 at Saint Leo 67Womens Basketball
Saturday, December 7Nova Southeastern 92 at Saint Leo 77Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 4Tampa 57 at Eckerd 54Womens Basketball
Wednesday, December 4Embry-Riddle (FL) 66 at Rollins 61Womens Basketball
Wednesday, December 4Palm Beach Atl. 60 at Florida Tech 64Womens Basketball
Wednesday, December 4Tampa 61 at Eckerd 63Mens Basketball
Wednesday, December 4Embry-Riddle (FL) 99 at Rollins 66Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 30JWU (North Miami) 68 at Florida Tech 90Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 30Oakland City 51 at Florida Tech 78Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 30Tampa 63 at Bellarmine 76Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 30Francis Marion 67 at Tampa 72Mens Basketball
Friday, November 29LaGrange 71 at Florida Tech 89Mens Basketball
Friday, November 29Tampa 46 at Southern Indiana 56Womens Basketball
Friday, November 29Bemidji State 49 at Tampa 60Mens Basketball
Tuesday, November 26Florida Tech 59 at FGCU 73Mens Basketball
Tuesday, November 26Wesleyan (GA) 36 at Florida Tech 91Womens Basketball
Tuesday, November 26Webber Int\'l 87 at Rollins 101Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 24P.R.-Mayaguez 37 at Rollins 71Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 23Nova Southeastern 81 at Tampa 77Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 23Nova Southeastern 70 at Tampa 72Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 23West Florida 1 at Florida Tech 2Mens Soccer
Saturday, November 23Florida Tech 67 at Saint Leo 82Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 23Florida Tech 70 at Saint Leo 75Mens Basketball
Wednesday, November 20P.R.-Mayaguez 54 at Saint Leo 80Womens Basketball
Wednesday, November 20P.R.-Mayaguez 51 at Saint Leo 83Mens Basketball
Tuesday, November 19P.R.-Mayaguez 53 at Rollins 81Mens Basketball
Monday, November 18Bentley 66 at Nova Southeastern 81Womens Basketball
Sunday, November 17Embry-Riddle (FL) 1 at Rollins 1Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 17Georgia College 86 at Tampa 82Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 17Flagler 45 at Saint Leo 74Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 16Embry-Riddle (FL) 1 at Saint Leo 3Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 16Puerto Rico-Bayamon 63 at Florida Tech 81Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 16Florida Tech 0 at Tampa 3Womens Volleyball
Saturday, November 16Clayton St. 75 at Florida Tech 53Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 16Rollins 70 at P.R.-Bayamon 43Womens Basketball
Saturday, November 16SHORTER 3 at Florida Tech 42Football
Saturday, November 16Trevecca Nazarene 83 at Nova Southeastern 123Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 16Flagler 89 at Tampa 72Mens Basketball
Saturday, November 16Georgia College 52 at Saint Leo 76Mens Basketball
Friday, November 15Puerto Rico-Bayamon 72 at Johnson University 48Mens Basketball
Friday, November 15Embry-Riddle 1 at Tampa 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 15P.R.-Bayamon 56 at Florida Tech 80Womens Basketball
Friday, November 15Rollins 78 at Clayton St. 82Womens Basketball
Friday, November 15Florida Southern 1 at Nova Southeastern 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 14Johnson University 71 at Florida Tech 111Mens Basketball
Thursday, November 14Nova Southeastern 0 at Rollins 2Womens Soccer
Wednesday, November 13Staten Island 62 at Nova Southeastern 130Mens Basketball
Sunday, November 10Eckerd College 87 at Delta State University 50Mens Basketball

Showing Page 1 (records 1 - 50 out of 5498 total).    110 pages available...
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