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Wednesday, March 11Northwestern 57 at Minnesota 74Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 11Nebraska 64 at Indiana 89Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 11Cincinnati 2 at Indiana 6Baseball
Wednesday, March 11Missouri 1 at Illinois 2Softball
Tuesday, March 10Ohio State 14 at Towson 21Womens Lacrosse
Tuesday, March 10Monmouth 2 at Rutgers 5Baseball
Sunday, March 8Ohio St. 65 at Maryland 82Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 8Oakland 3 at Northwestern 14Softball
Sunday, March 8Evansville 9 at Illinois 1Softball
Sunday, March 8Fairleigh Dickinson 4 at Penn State 8Baseball
Sunday, March 8Ohio St. 69 at Michigan St. 80Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 8Ohio State 0 at Arizona State 9Softball
Sunday, March 8Michigan State 3 at Samford 5Baseball
Sunday, March 8San Diego 13 at Indiana 5Baseball
Sunday, March 8Illinois 8 at Elon 7Baseball
Sunday, March 8Purdue 19 at WKU 1Baseball
Sunday, March 8Notre Dame 2 at Minnesota 3Mens Ice Hockey
Sunday, March 8Purdue 5 at Colorado State 11Softball
Sunday, March 8Purdue 3 at Colorado State 4Softball
Sunday, March 8Nebraska 1 at New Mexico State 4Softball
Sunday, March 8Penn State 3 at Western Michigan 0Softball
Sunday, March 8Illinois 3 at Louisville 4Softball
Saturday, March 7Indiana 51 at Maryland 66Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 7Michigan 60 at Ohio St. 66Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 7Oakland 1 at Illinois 3Softball
Saturday, March 7Ohio State 4 at Minnesota 3Womens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 7Minn. Duluth 1 at Wisconsin 4Womens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 7Indiana 5 at Boise State 0Softball
Saturday, March 7Indiana 9 at South Dakota 0Softball
Saturday, March 7Louisiana 6 at Michigan State 3Baseball
Saturday, March 7San Diego 2 at Indiana 9Baseball
Saturday, March 7Illinois 6 at Elon 1Baseball
Saturday, March 7Purdue 2 at WKU 11Baseball
Saturday, March 7San Diego 6 at Indiana 2Baseball
Saturday, March 7Hofstra 10 at Ohio State 12Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, March 7Notre Dame 1 at Minnesota 2Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 7Penn St. 69 at Northwestern 80Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 7Bryant 3 at Maryland 8Baseball
Saturday, March 7Nebraska 3 at Lehigh 2Softball
Saturday, March 7Seton Hall 10 at Penn State 2Softball
Saturday, March 7Kennesaw State 8 at Purdue 6Softball
Saturday, March 7Penn State 8 at Robert Morris 0Softball
Saturday, March 7Idaho State 3 at Purdue 5Softball
Saturday, March 7Northwestern 1 at Louisville 3Softball
Saturday, March 7Evansville 1 at Northwestern 9Softball
Friday, March 6Minnesota 3 at Long Beach State 2Softball
Friday, March 6Purdue 62 at Maryland 74Womens Basketball
Friday, March 6Rutgers 60 at Indiana 78Womens Basketball
Friday, March 6Michigan 67 at Northwestern 59Womens Basketball
Friday, March 6Ohio St. 87 at Iowa 66Womens Basketball

Showing Page 1 (records 1 - 50 out of 13516 total).    271 pages available...
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