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Wednesday, June 20Oregon State 11 at North Carolina 6Baseball
Tuesday, June 19Mississippi State 12 at North Carolina 2Baseball
Saturday, June 16North Carolina 8 at Oregon State 6Baseball
Monday, June 11Duke 2 at Texas Tech 6Baseball
Sunday, June 10Texas Tech 2 at Duke 11Baseball
Saturday, June 9Duke 4 at Texas Tech 6Baseball
Saturday, June 9North Carolina 7 at Stetson 5Baseball
Friday, June 8Stetson 4 at North Carolina 7Baseball
Tuesday, June 5Washington 3 at Florida State 8Softball
Monday, June 4Florida State 1 at Washington 0Softball
Monday, June 4Georgia Bulldogs 5 at Duke 8Baseball
Monday, June 4Duke 8 at Georgia Bulldogs 4Baseball
Sunday, June 3Clemson 9 at St. John\'s 8Baseball
Sunday, June 3Vanderbilt 19 at Clemson 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Houston 11 at North Carolina 19Baseball
Sunday, June 3San Antonio 39 at Chicago 24Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Denver 29 at Kansas City 36Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Minneapolis 41 at Tampa 36Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Charlotte 36 at Seattle 42Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Kansas City 19 at Indianapolis 41Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Seattle 28 at Dallas 27Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Minneapolis 46 at Indianapolis 37Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3Seattle 30 at San Antonio 31Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3San Antonio 37 at Minneapolis 47Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 3UCLA 1 at Florida State 3Softball
Sunday, June 3Florida State 12 at UCLA 6Softball
Sunday, June 3NC State 11 at Army 1Baseball
Sunday, June 3Auburn 15 at NC State 7Baseball
Sunday, June 3Louisville 12 at Kent State 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Texas Tech 11 at Louisville 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Duke 15 at Troy 6Baseball
Saturday, June 2Clemson 3 at Vanderbilt 4Baseball
Saturday, June 2Florida State 2 at MSU 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2North Carolina 4 at Houston 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2Dallas 53 at Kansas City 36Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 2San Antonio 34 at Chicago 27Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 2Seattle 35 at Minneapolis 26Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 2Denver 36 at Tampa 52Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 2Charlotte 24 at Indianapolis 41Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 2Georgia 2 at Florida State 7Softball
Saturday, June 2Florida State 4 at Oregon 1Softball
Saturday, June 2NC State 9 at Northeastern 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2Louisville 4 at Texas Tech 10Baseball
Saturday, June 2Duke 16 at Campbell 8Baseball
Friday, June 1Morehead State 3 at Clemson 4Baseball
Friday, June 1North Carolina A&T 0 at North Carolina 11Baseball
Friday, June 1Seattle 28 at Dallas 35Mens Basketball
Friday, June 1Kansas City 32 at Charlotte 55Mens Basketball
Friday, June 1Chicago 29 at Denver 25Mens Basketball
Friday, June 1San Antonio 44 at Kansas City 52Mens Basketball

Showing Page 1 (records 1 - 50 out of 9981 total).    200 pages available...
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