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Sunday, August 13Wake Forest 0 at Furman 1Mens Soccer
Sunday, August 13South Carolina 0 at Duke 2Mens Soccer
Saturday, August 12Lipscomb 0 at Louisville 1Mens Soccer
Sunday, June 11Florida State 19 at Sam Houston State 0Baseball
Saturday, June 10Sam Houston State 6 at Florida State 7Baseball
Saturday, June 10Louisville 6 at Kentucky 2Baseball
Friday, June 9Kentucky 2 at Louisville 5Baseball
Monday, June 5Florida State 6 at Auburn 0Baseball
Monday, June 5Vanderbilt 8 at Clemson 0Baseball
Sunday, June 4Dallas 34 at Indianapolis 46Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 4Denver 35 at Seattle 27Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 4San Antonio 30 at Minneapolis 32Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 4Tampa 35 at Indianapolis 51Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 4Denver 38 at Minneapolis 46Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 4West Virginia 8 at Maryland 5Baseball
Sunday, June 4Oklahoma 0 at Xavier 11Baseball
Sunday, June 4Florida State 5 at Tennessee Tech 3Baseball
Sunday, June 4Clemson 6 at UNC Greensboro 3Baseball
Sunday, June 4Wake Forest 12 at West Virginia 8Baseball
Sunday, June 4Xavier 7 at Louisville 8Baseball
Sunday, June 4Auburn 7 at Florida State 8Baseball
Sunday, June 4Clemson 6 at Vanderbilt 0Baseball
Sunday, June 4Minneapolis 20 at Indianapolis 32Mens Basketball
Sunday, June 4North Carolina 10 at FGCU 1Baseball
Sunday, June 4Davidson 2 at North Carolina 1Baseball
Saturday, June 3Seattle 44 at Minneapolis 33Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 3Charlotte 44 at Tampa 42Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 3St. John\'s 1 at UNC Greensboro 3Baseball
Saturday, June 3Radford 1 at Xavier 3Baseball
Saturday, June 3Florida State 6 at UCF 1Baseball
Saturday, June 3Maryland 16 at UMBC 2Baseball
Saturday, June 3Tennessee Tech 3 at Auburn 5Baseball
Saturday, June 3West Virginia 3 at Wake Forest 4Baseball
Saturday, June 3Vanderbilt 9 at Clemson 4Baseball
Saturday, June 3Louisville 11 at Oklahoma 1Baseball
Saturday, June 3San Antonio 34 at Denver 31Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 3Dallas 33 at Indianapolis 46Mens Basketball
Saturday, June 3North Carolina 8 at Michigan 1Baseball
Saturday, June 3FGCU 1 at Davidson 2Baseball
Friday, June 2Seattle 46 at San Antonio 48Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Charlotte 46 at Dallas 32Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Tampa 17 at Indianapolis 34Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Denver 32 at Minneapolis 40Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Indianapolis 35 at Seattle 29Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Auburn 7 at UCF 4Baseball
Friday, June 2Tampa 38 at San Antonio 37Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Minneapolis 24 at Dallas 35Mens Basketball
Friday, June 2Maryland 1 at West Virginia 9Baseball
Friday, June 2Xavier 2 at Oklahoma 7Baseball
Friday, June 2Denver 41 at Charlotte 46Mens Basketball

Showing Page 1 (records 1 - 50 out of 6859 total).    138 pages available...
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